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2 min readJun 16, 2021

One to power the world to the next stage of development.

Weekly newsletter of Ilva Token

Our Brand New token has just been released and can be traded and swapped on Uniswap, Sushiswap and 1Inch.

This is the token to power the world to the next stage of development.

This is one of Tomorrow’s World Order’s digital currencies that will help achieve our goals of taking all humanity to the most advanced stage of human development. Bringing wealth to all to levels never thought of possible in our times. Yes raising living standards to levels never thought of before.

Search for ILVA in liquidity pools. Trade with most of the tokens.

Download our whitepaper from Google Play Books free.

Tomorrow’s World Order’s Whitepaper.

We are going to change the world as you know it today.

Building new infrastructure from scratch. Building brand new cities etc.

Bringing wealth to all to levels never thought of possible.

Yes and the best news is that you can all be part of this great new achievement. You will be the few lucky ones to steer head a transition from the current system to a brand new system of global finance and governance.

A new world President; the World’s First has taken his rightful place in order to guide and act as an overseer taking all humanity out from the defensive stages to a new stage of exponential economic development, full of networking and cooperation of all humanity to achieve our goals.

We have been in the defensive stage for too long. Where mankind lacks enough resources that in turn he makes weapons with these few resources. Then use the weapons to get all the resources he can’t afford; like; oil, minerals etc. But we are saying that this is not just barbaric but stupid considering the kind of wealth we can create if we all work towards one goal. That of eradicating all global problems and bringing wealth to masses to levels never thought possible in our times.

Yes we can do this. So be part of something special.

What are you waiting for.

Get your tokens today: ILVA.

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