An Order by The President of Tomorrow’s World Order to Stop the War/Special Military Operation with Immediate Effect.

By Intervening, To Push Invaders Out of a Sovereign Nation.

Dated 02 May 2022

I hereby, with immediate effect, order the deployment of international military peacekeeping troops to Ukraine to push invaders out of a sovereign nation. One that has exercised its rights under international law by asking for international help.

We need 10 000 peace-keeping soldiers from every country on earth deployed to Ukraine with immediate effect for peace purposes and to help with rebuilding Ukraine after the war.

A sovereign country cannot be invaded and attacked without the invaders facing the full wrath of the international community. [IC].

A sovereign country is protected by international law and has a right not to be invaded or attacked unless it has breached serious international laws.

Civilians are to be protected at whatever cost. The death of a child or woman is an attack on all of us. Cults, institutions, countries, soldiers, etc. must protect the lives of women and children everywhere.

High risks of a nuclear war. The do-nothing approach is a non-starter. We can’t leave things to chance as the current war can escalate to an all-out nuclear and digital pathogen war [WMDs] of human extinction magnitude, hence the need to mitigate and strategically contain the risks with immediate effect.

What is at stake is greater than just Russia or Ukraine. Potential for causing human extinction as weapons of mass destruction might be used.

Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine with immediate effect on the given deadline.

Disobeying this order triggers the release of the international community {IC}, meaning military units [10 000] from every country, cult, or institution on earth on our commands to defend a sovereign nation.

Any grievances must be addressed through peace talks from now on as we provide such a platform.

Any troops within a sovereign country after the deadline [to pull] out will be expected to surrender and be taken by the IC with the risk of being tried for criminal war crimes.

Withdrawal before the deadline guarantees them free passage and even exemption from any criminal proceedings regarding this war.

The war or special military operation cannot continue anymore. We call for the immediate cessation of the war. Our concerns are the high civilian deaths.

We are against the current thinking of arming anyone in this way in that it increases the length of the war. Increases the number of civilian deaths. Gives Ukraine a sense of false security, as we believe that no one wins in a war. How do you define winning where irreplaceable deaths have occurred?

We are there to safeguard people’s lives. Even soldiers’ lives are safeguarded by our laws. We believe both sides have realized that reality is not what they thought; with Russia expecting to take over Ukraine just after 3 days. The number of civilian deaths in Ukraine overshadows any calls for winning the war. What is winning the war when all people end up dead?

Negligently causing the people to be killed is against our laws and can trigger criminal proceedings.

Arming the Ukraines without other means prolongs the war and increases civilians’ deaths as the government can be forced to arm its people. Not because it’s a bad idea at some stages in the war but this must be the last resort where no other options exist of requesting international help.

Criminal offense to arm nations frivolously to gain a competitive advantage. In that, you will be sacrificing Ukraines to make Russians weak so that you won’t suffer casualties let’s say if you are to attack Russia itself. So, reasons, why countries are arming Ukraine, must be considered especially in the light that they are not members of Nato and that Ukraine has denied joining Nato. It can be argued that Nato and its members are trying to get rid of Ukraine which has refused their protection and made Russia aggressive to wipe all out or even use dangerous weapons. Where in the end Nato might feel good about themselves pointing to Ukraine’s denial to join them as a trigger for their demise.

Arming to cause massive destruction on both sides as a way to weaken your enemies for your own benefit is against what we stand for.

It is a thin line between heroism and betraying the people who put you in power. Every president has obligation to protect the people who put him in power. That president has greater responsibility to do whatever it takes to protect his people. [The international community must respond pronto to calls for help. We believe that the current system let him down. We know it is an obsolete system meant to get civilians killed to give its other institutions like the UN, UNSC, ICC, etc jobs and reasons for existence.] This means asking the right questions. Meaning for help in terms of military soldiers on the ground to maintain peace or push invaders out of the country. Asking for weapons alone might not be enough if the civilians are to end up dead. The presence of institutions like the UN, UNSC, or even Nato can act as distractions to real sources of help. Especially because they claim to stop wars when they can’t. We believe wars give them their sense of existence. The very reason why they are active after the wars have killed women and children and their masters have frozen financial assets that fund them. A new world order will help solve all this. In this war, a lot of things were not clear but going forward the IC is obliged to send troops in defense of a sovereign nation. As a general rule a minimum of 10 000 troops from each country or from the selected base countries. All these to enforce peace talks. A group of base countries with one from each continent and representing everyone.

We stand against the remarks by the West, Nato members that we don’t want to get involved but are willing to fund wars through weapons, etc. Escalating situations.

We have introduced the E-laws. The empathy laws. These take into account what the supplier of weapons would have done if they were the ones being attacked and in Ukraine’s position. Would they have intensified the war at the expense of civilians? Would Russia have attacked Ukraine if it was the one doing what they accused Ukraine of doing?

If the West is supplying weapons to weaken Russia at the expense of Ukraine this becomes what we are against. Obeying the New World Order now in place; means willingness for peace and acts advantageously toward the invading country as their soldiers as long as they withdraw their troops within the deadline can walk free from any criminal war crimes etc as an incentive to peace. Better stop this war now than months away from now; when people will have been killed.

Failure to obey our order triggers criminal proceedings where the killings of civilians and the perceived or real intent use of weapons of mass destruction can be used to bring Hostis Humanis Generis charges upon the invading leader.

The supply of weapons shows no interest in the people of Ukraine who are dying. We believe the fighting falls within sectoral, tribal, and territorial fighting between related people who speak the same language. Even though it can escalate to increased risk and instability we believe if there was a negotiating platform like Tomorrow’s World Order these countries would have negotiated.

The international community [IC] must put on the ground military to push invaders out.

IC to safeguard the lives of Ukraine civilians.

IC to provide protection to Ukraine’s president.

IC to enforce peace in Ukraine.

IC to enforce peace talks

The presidents of the two countries immediately to initiate unconditional peace talks.

Tomorrow’s World Order or other nominated parties to facilitate, mediate, and enforce peace talks.

Calls to do-nothing at the expense of Ukrainian civilian lives cannot be tolerated. Every life matter and must be protected.

Failure to act when asked by a sovereign nation is a criminal act.

Failure to protect women and children is a criminal act.

Increasing risks to civilians is a criminal act.

Fears of provoking Russia and what they might do, even if this is real, must not outweigh the lives of the Ukrainian civilians who are dying. We believe it is better to intervene now than to wait for an even worse situation in the future. We believe that if the current situation is left uncontained, it will set a dangerous precedence. Russia can go on to do the same to other countries, like Sweden or Finland. Dangers of small nations secretly arming themselves with nukes that they might use in self-defense in case attacked especially now that they know no one will come to their help.

Immediate deployment of troops to push invaders out.

Then protect civilians.

The president of Ukraine and his citizens once protected then immediately stop the supply of dangerous weapons to Ukraine as this increases the deaths of civilians directly or indirectly. Where invaders might become aggressive and disregard the lives of women and children.

The IC to give guarantees that it is not attacking Russia but to push their troops out of a sovereign nation in preparation for peace talks led by or organized by Tomorrow’s World Order so as not to escalate the situation.

Negotiations must start after that. That in turn can make Russia release the Ukraine people they took, as we understand, as a self-defense stance so as not to be attacked by the West, Nato, etc.

Immediate negotiations for Russia to release the Ukraine people, whom they must bring back or send to a third country but not to keep these themselves.

Negotiations for everlasting unconditional peace.

Immediate humanitarian aid and financial packages to follow to rebuild Ukraine.

IMF and World Bank to provide funding as well for rebuilding interest-free.

This is the time to stop the war by putting things in place to stop future increased serious instability and wars.

A sovereign nation has the right to ask for military troops from all countries if invaded to help defend itself.

Not help to fight back but to push the invaders out of their borders.

Right to ask for this help and be given that help as long as they declare what the help is for. For maintaining peace and for self-defense purposes. Again, I reiterate to defend its sovereignty.

Any leader being invaded has the right to protect its citizen by asking for international military forces to protect its citizens.

Even though citizens have the right to self-defend themselves by arming themselves overall risk assessment must be by the president or government of a country. The reason is that arming civilians can remove the protection they have in wars. This can make killers of civilians escape prosecution as they can argue that civilians with guns cease to be civilians.

The UN, UNSC, World Bank, and IMF must compensate for Ukraine’s civilian deaths by giving the victims a false sense of security by declaring that they can stop wars but doing nothing at all before the war. Then run around after civilians’ deaths. This must stop and in the long run if they can’t change then stop existing. Old obsolete institutions.

Fears of escalating the situation are not a defense if people are dying due to war. The presence of the military for peace purposes in Ukraine on the ground might have deterred Russia from attacking. Every life of a child or woman who ends up dead is enough to trigger reactions by all of us. We might sacrifice all to save one child or woman’s life. Simply because the victim has no one to defend them. We need a shift and change in perception. Life and peace start with these people; the women and children who are used for bargaining. Easily regarded as collateral damage. Not anymore.

Victory cannot be just taking someone’s territory or killing so many soldiers etc. Victory can be the ability to understand that the world might push you to kill the only people who are close to you. The only people you might need in the future. The only people who understand you better. The only people you have so many inter-marriages and mixing with. The only people you might have known for a long time than anyone else. Others might make you mistrust these people and feel like they might betray you. Others can make you do things you don’t want to do. Things you will regret. To make things worse all this is for their own benefit. The ability to offload weapons at both your expenses. Simply because you are not their members. So, what do they care? All countries supplying weapons belong to a cult that doesn’t care whether you both [Russia or Ukraine] will be here or not. They would make you two countries that are considered threats to their peace; destroy each other. What best to arm you so that you kill each other? Their hands are clean even though they made you angry so you fight hard all their interest is to get rid of both you and even use your frozen assets to fund their courts to put you on trial for using their weapons to kill each other.

So, no one wins wars apart from them the West. They will have got rid of you hiding behind you being threats to humanity’s survival. Even though you might have made nuclear weapons in response to their threat and magnitude of the force in relation to you. Now they can tell the whole world that you are a risk to all mankind. They freeze all your assets. You kill each other something they will never do meaning something wrong with you. Most people because of oil reserves consider Russia a powerful country but an attack on Ukraine will remove that image and reputation.

Do they really care about Russia and Ukraine? They will rather prolong the war so that for the next months you weaken each other and kill each other. That can only prove that they are better than all of you. They let you fight each other weakening yourselves while they group. Once Ukraine refused to join them now, they would rather let you kill each other.

They group together and arm you all to fight each other and, in the end, attack you too once they consider you as weak.

So, listen. Stop the war. Change the way you think. Join together as well. We as global leaders would rather have two powerful groups, the West {Nato, etc} and the East {Russia, Ukraine, China, etc together}. That means a balanced system one that can challenge Nato as an equal and opposing force. A perfectly balanced system.

Fighting among yourself is detrimental to you all.

We stand for all people. We don’t take sides we just look at the circumstances and advise the final decision is yours. But we will take preventive precautions whether there are threats of use of weapons of mass destruction that can cause the extinction of humanity.

That means in this case you are obliged to obey our peace order. Let us talk first then if you are to fight again. You can do so in the future. Give us the chance to put things right. We strongly believe the lack of a global leader who is not biased was the problem. The lack of a platform for peaceful negotiations is what escalated the conflict into the war. But now you have no excuses we are in place as Tomorrow’s World Order.

Give peace a chance. Think twice.


It is not too late to walk away from all this without any criminal charges. Both sides created so many instances that will drag the West’s courts for years to come before anyone can be found guilty.

We believe that the current system of Nato, UN, UNSC, IMF, and World Bank are just waiting for you two; Russia and Ukraine to give them jobs for the next years through their courts, etc. They will keep supplying weapons so that you kill each other and civilians so that their courts etc will be busy for the next years. Charging you with war crimes etc. Since you have already paid them through sanctioned frozen assets and money. Their sources of funding. You give them the reasons to exist. If you stop the war right away then you will have won. You will have proved that you don’t fund evil cults, institutions actually killing women and children through sanctions. Actually, doing secret slavery using advanced digital technology. Supply weapons between brothers etc to fight and kill each other. You will all lose in the end. Their system will suppress you all. They will say you killed civilians and forget that it is them who supplied all the dangerous weapons.

Our system can also drag you to court for posing a threat to all humanity by threats of using nuclear weapons. A serious crime as you will be regarded as a Hostis Humanis Generis a crime punishable by death. Where anyone in the world will shoot to protect all people. A lose-lose situation.

Doors are open for peace.

To win the war at this point is to withdraw your troops, count your losses and settle for peace. That can remove sanctions. That stops the reason why they froze your assets to pay their courts and legal systems for crimes you are going to commit if you continue fighting.

To win the war is to regard only the West in Nato as your only enemies and everyone else to be a friend. Nato keeps expanding at the same time insisting on article 5 which gives all members breaching international laws; protection. Countries making even worse invisible concealed digital weapons of mass destruction. If you think that the pandemic is biological then think again. They are making digital pathogens to kill others in broad daylight simply because they can and no one can stop them.

We care for all humanity therefore we expect you to stop the war or special military operation with immediate effect.

Time to put a platform to take humanity out of the defensive stage forever to put a stop to wars forever. As long as we are in the defensive stage of development (read Tomorrow’s World Order.) wars will forever be part of life with a cycle of every twenty years or less. World War I 1914–1918, WWII 1939–1945, potential Cold war 1960s. Iraq war-1980, Iraq war 2003, Ukraine and Russia war 2022.

This will be the first stage to call for world disarmament as a way to move away from the defensive stage. There are 2 options available to humanity.

  1. Tomorrow’s World Order phasing out weapons manufacturing and destroying all nukes safely.
  2. A third world war. A war to end all wars. We believe this war was supposed to have occurred in the 1960s. If the governments after the second world war had not put hold-in-place institutions and cults like; Nato, UN, UNSC, IMF, World Bank, etc, to prevent wars. A war would have happened. A war to end all war. The current situation is a recipe for disaster with every nation and or cult heavily investing in the military. This means new dangerous weapons of mass destruction; not just nuclear but now digital pathogens and electromagnetic wave weapons all WMDs. A time bomb in itself. With all those not members of cults like Nato forced to make nukes as well as to match the force and threat at hand in these cults etc.

Fears by military cults like Nato to provoke Russia incase Russia retaliates with a nuke cannot be tolerated. We know the risks are real but their presence creates these tensions. If they don’t deal with this now it becomes a nuclear time bomb as this only makes the situation worse with time. Institutions like Nato, UN, and UNSC were created to stop wars but in a self-destructive way as they continue heavily investing in the military. This creates tensions, especially considering that these cults have restricted entry requirements. This means forever an equal and opposing force in outsiders. Countries not part of the cult will forever oppose it. Forever increased tensions. Until the inevitable delayed war to end all wars. The major risk is that as long as Nato fears escalating situations the higher the risks in the future of an all-out nuclear war.

International law must prevail no sovereign nation must be invaded unless we authorized that in relation to a breach of international laws.

The IC must provide military to push invaders out and keep Russians out. If done as a global community Russia is obliged to comply, they can’t fight the whole world.

I am the president of Tomorrow’s World Order. The new global leaders to safeguard global peace and protect the lives of women and children who are killed needlessly because of wars.

We believe what happened and the war is a direct result of a lack of an entity or platform to act as global overseers, judges, moderators, facilitators, negotiators, etc. A global leader to be involved in dispute resolutions. One who is neutral and can be respected by both sides in that he represents everyone’s interests.

Look no further we are that entity. That global leader to maintain peace and safeguard humanity’s existence. We can resolve all your issues peacefully.

We have introduced a new global law and order to stop wars, conflicts of any kind, etc from escalating to humanity’s existence-threatening levels. Levels where the risk of use of Weapons of Mass Destruction is heightened.

We believe the current war has the potential to end up becoming one where weapons of mass destruction are used. AS such we MUST intervene with immediate effect.

The death of a child or woman is an attack on all of us. We stand strongly against any wars. We believe in the sovereignty of a nation. That means no nation can be invaded without triggering sovereignty protection. That is; a call to the international community to come to the rescue.

Any sovereign nation being invaded must be protected (unless the country has breached international laws). We don’t believe this is the case. The current war falls along with territorial wars which are disputes between people who share similar traits, beliefs, etc.

These disputes must be settled through dialogue.

We believe that for whatever reason Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine. Ukraine is a sovereign country. A sovereign country cannot be invaded or attacked without triggering an international call-for-help.

A call for help not just for weapons but for the international military entities to come to the rescue to drive the Russians out of Ukraine.

We strongly believe that this was what the Ukraine President had in mind when he called for help.

We are not disagreeing with Russia but we are saying Russia has no right to invade without exhausting channels of dialogue.

In that regard since there were no proper channels of negotiations and dialogue. We have put the channels in place. Now Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine with immediate effect pending negotiations.

We are the new global leaders and cannot tolerate wars and invasions.

As president of Tomorrow’s World Order, I order Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine with immediate effect.

I order both nations to initiate unconditional peace talks. We can provide a platform to do this or arrange for such negotiations.

To enforce this order, I order all international military units to prepare their troops to go to Ukraine in response to Ukraine’s International Call for Help.

A call to drive invaders out of their sovereign nation.

I reiterate that no sovereign country will be invaded and attacked (unless it is proven that it has breached international laws to an extent that they threatened humanity’s existence. Such instances involve the use of weapons of mass destruction, secret slavery, torture, etc because these things can cause the extinction of humanity or cause severe human suffering. Be it digital pathogens or nuclear weapons.)

We can’t tolerate the deaths of innocent women and children.

We stand against the West’s stance of just supplying weapons to Ukraine in the belief that Ukraine must defend itself. We believe the West is sacrificing Ukraine to help themselves from the threat of Russia. Using Ukraine to weaken Russia at the expense of Ukraine women and children who are dying. This is against our laws.

Ukraine deserves international protection. International military in Ukraine (not to fight) but to drive Russians out.

I, therefore, order all military entities to send their military to Ukraine’s aid I reiterate to drive invaders from invading a sovereign nation.

We believe if Russia is left to continue that will set a dangerous precedence. A dangerous situation worse than the reasons used to justify a non-involvement stance.

We arose as Tomorrow’s World Order because of the ever-heightened risk of use of weapons of mass destruction both digital pathogens and nuclear weapons. Read more;

We are aware of the risk of ‘provoking Russia’ reasons cited by e.g. Nato etc. But we strongly believe that if left to continue with the war that set a very dangerous precedence. What if Russia goes on to other surrounding nations like Sweden and Finland? That means even increased instability in the future. Worse now. If we are to let Russia carry on their plan without the international response this can right now as the war with Ukraine goes on to make Sweden or Finland make weapons of mass destruction. Or for them to buy these from countries who have them. Look how easily all nations dumped all their military weapons on Ukraine.

This brings me to the next point. That the risk is even greater now. What if the war rages on for months or even years. What if Ukraine at that point in time realizes that to stop Russia the only option is to use the nukes themselves on Russia.

This is a possibility if the war is left to continue. We strongly believe that the easy supply of weapons can make Ukraine realize that if Nato refused to help because of fear of escalating the situation that can lead to the use of nukes by Russia. They can use self-defense arguments to borrow a nuke themselves from the West and use it on Russia. To end the war or shorten the war. This is becoming a huge possibility as weapons flood in Ukraine.

Either way, there is no winner. Hence, we must intervene and stop this war. It is not only Ukraine. Sweden, Finland, etc can preplan to arm themselves with nukes just in case Russia attacks them.

You must agree with us that the world is becoming one hell dangerous place to be. Better if we can go to another planet. But that is years away so we must protect the earth with everything and make it a peaceful place to be.

Therefore, to Tomorrow’s World Order intervening to drive Russia out is the first immediate solution. Then to make the international community guided by us TWO to trigger immediate unconditional peace talks. Other options make us not leave things to chance as the risks are even higher than now.

With that in mind, I order the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine.

I order the international military community to intervene to drive Russians out of Ukraine.

I order the international community to enforce peace talks and maintain peace.

I order the international community to safeguard the lives of the women and children of Ukraine with immediate effect.


Inability to act; the do-nothing stance by the West etc has nothing to do with their charter etc as Ukraine is not a member of Nato etc. Simply because Nato once intervened in the past to maintain peace.

The reason for the threat posed by Russia; the fear of escalating things, etc is unjustifiable in that Ukraine’s civilians are dying on daily basis. Do-nothing does not mean that this solves future tensions. We believe that it increases future tensions. This if not controlled will set up dangerous precedence in that Russia will go for other surrounding countries like Sweden and Finland etc. The idea and fear of this happening even if it is not the case might make these smaller countries buy nukes to match the force and threat in Russia as a self-defense mechanism. In turn, can make the West use nukes as well on Russia. We don’t want another Hiroshima.

The West I must say are misguided in thinking that supplying weapons to Ukraine will weaken Russia for their benefit. Firstly, it makes Russia enraged to an extent that it might resort to nukes to maintain that match. The continuous supply of weapons will weaken Russia yes as they lose more troops and military equipment. But the humiliation of failing to conquer a small country like Ukraine and suffering losses might resort them to the use of nukes. We have seen the Russian presidency ordering the arming of nukes in the wake of other countries arming Ukraine.

Now picture months from now if the war continues? Now Russia will not only be concerned about its reputation as a mighty country struggling to conquer a small country. But at this stage will take extreme measures. One is to make sure that countries will not take advantage of the situation. Where Russia will have lost a lot of troops and military equipment that other countries will feel confident to attack. Surely, they will be weakened if the war continues and other countries might start to think of attacking them. The danger is that now Russia at this stage might consider seriously using nuke weapons.

So, the current stance of doing nothing and supplying weapons is going to make things worse in the future. A real risk of a nuclear war.

Our main reason is that whatever decision is taken by the West or East the situation is not going to change for the better but become worse simply because we are stuck in the defensive stages of development. Meaning forever wars and weapons until we move out of this stage. Forever even more destructive weapons to match the threats posed by all sides. The East points to the West’s advanced digital technological advanced pathogens as a new form of modern warfare. The West points to the East’s making of nukes etc. Forever the risks will be increased as long as there are military budgets etc.

We are concerned that in the end if we don’t take over and put things in place. The world will end up with a massive world war where risks of human extinction are increased.

Hence, we must stop the current trend and put things in place to disarm everyone. Intervening in the current war is the first step toward that. Sending a strong message that Russia or any other country cannot invade a sovereign nation. Secondly to stop dangerous precedence that can only make smaller countries anywhere not just Europe secretly buy nukes citing this current war as a need for a self-defense mechanism.

The other danger is that it sets a dangerous precedence in that everyone now will buy weapons. Increasing weapons sales globally as a proactive stance. The West because they are no angels themselves wants to make it look like weapons are the solutions to all this.

We are not disagreeing that Russia has issues with Ukraine, no. We are saying this is a conflict between people related due to territory, cultural or sectorial differences. As such supplying weapons is the wrong move. If brothers are fighting do you give them weapons to kill each other or do you meditate so that they solve their differences? Again, this is the reason why we are against the supplying of weapons. But for the immediate intervention by sending peace troops to drive Russians out.

Nato leaders pointed out that they adopted the do-nothing approach so as not to escalate the tensions.

Even though this is true but they have a responsibility placed upon them by international laws or principles to protect the civilians of Ukraine. They did not even try to stop the war to let civilians leave the country. The West gave Ukraine a false sense of hope that it can win against Russia. Even if they win what is winning if thousands of civilians die?

We are not against countries fighting for freedom. No. We are concerned about the risks involved. The deaths of civilians and the real motives behind such moves. Are weapons really to empower Ukraine or to trigger a self-destruction stance? Where they are encouraged to fight for long so that the West offloads over-spilling weapons supplies at the expense of Ukraine civilians?

We strongly believe that a life of a child or woman must be given priority. Must prevail. The international community has to safeguard the lives of civilians. Must do whatever they can to protect and safeguard the lives of these people. The continuous saying that Ukraine will win does not consider the cost of civilians’ lives. Something we are against. This is proof of the defensive stage which we are in. A stage where life is not regarded as important as it should be.

We have a strong belief that increased civilian deaths that occurred a certain smaller percentage may be as a result of increased foreign weapons where Russians might have disregarded civilians’ lives or where Ukraines might have accidentally killed their own.

We believe that the West’s inability to act has nothing to do with fearing what Russia might do. Otherwise, what is the point of forming these military cults, etc if they are afraid of what can happen? Let women and children die as they save themselves? Every war you think you can help with weapons. This means you can also help get civilians out or make them safe.

We believe that even though we agreed the situation has reached a dangerous never experienced level. The other option is even worse. This war if uncurtailed can trigger a vicious cycle of wars that can culminate in an all-out nuclear or digital pathogen war.

Don’t get us wrong. We arose because of the threats posed by the weapons of mass destruction. Most are in the form of digital pathogens being used widely by Nato members who are protected by article 5 that even the courts can’t touch them. Another risk is that posed by nuclear weapons and the ever-growing tensions.

  1. We believe that the situation forever if uncontained will ever grow to dangerous levels as long as the current atmosphere is in place. As long as we are in the defensive stage of development. In that, all nations keep making weapons, dangerous and most destructive ones as technology develops. The main reason is that we are stuck in the defensive stages of development. Read this book for more

and this;

We are stuck in this defensive stage of development because as I explained in other books mankind put the current system; Nato, United Nations, United Nations Security Council, World Bank, IMF, etc to stop wars. But in the process locked himself in the defensive stages without any means of coming out of this stage. A stage that is so dangerous that in the end, the only way out is an all-out global nuclear weapons war. Mankind thought he was clever and formed all these cults, Nato, UN, UNSC, IMF, World Bank, etc to stop wars after witnessing two wars WWI and WWII. But I argued that this is a recipe for disaster as weapons are drivers of the economy. Meaning no matter what. Forever be wars. To offload the weapons, to justify huge military budgets, etc. The worst part is that these cults like Nato over years get to get together and group to huge sizes. But these cults have strict entry requirements based on geographical locations etc making them closed. But at the same time, the world views change to extent that those excluded start to feel left out or fearful that secretly start making weapons that match the threat and force in these cults. The only way is nuclear or digital pathogen weapons. To make things worse. The same cults use article 5 to protect their members who go on to breach all international laws. Making even more weapons of mass destruction but hidden concealed ones in digital pathogens in the belief that article 5 will protect them.

So now the cult-like Nato is not just a formidable force to reckon with, it has nukes and its members are making digital pathogens making it an even force and threat to all other members. This can only make countries like Russia make as many nukes as they did as a way to match and counteract the force and threat in Nato.

We believe Russia immobilized the West by torching raw nerves by highlighting issues the East accuse the West that is of unrepresenting others and letting their members do the same to other ethnic countries but only secretly through digital technology.

In other words, the West is immobilized in a do-nothing act because they are in no better position. They can’t go on to defend Ukraine as they are doing the same to others or if not their reluctance to act against member culprits makes them accused of such. To clarify I pointed out and advocated for the past 10 years that members of Nato are using advanced digital technology to do the same things they have abolished like slavery, torture, making digital viruses, and use these in broad daylight simply because it can’t be proved; until now.

So, the West as all members of Nato protected by article 5 are no angels and in no position to say, Russia is wrong. They are doing the same it doesn’t matter secret or concealed using digital technology. Read

Read also

So how do you expect the West to intervene or come to the rescue? Russia can simply say the West is no angels.

This makes us the only intervening party to make a difference.

Ineffectiveness of the arming of Ukraine to defend themselves. The misconception and belief that if Ukraine is given weapons will win the war.

Another reason for the West’s do-nothing approach is the fact that there are in this all together. The supply of weapons is a way to quell critics of the do-nothing approach. Arming Ukraine gives Ukraine the belief that they can win the war as a way of weakening Russia for the West’s benefit. To make Russia unable to attack other countries. This is incorrect.

First, it gives Ukraine a false sense of security and power that it can defend itself against Russia. Not underestimating them but we assess winning in terms of civilians killed as well. The West takes advantage and disposes of their weapons stockpiles etc. Making weapons deals that result in more civilian deaths than if they had not supplied the weapons. This makes Ukraine arm civilians which removes their protection guaranteed by international laws. Exposing civilians to danger. In that Russia might increase its ruthlessness than intended before in response to the threat and force at hand. In that the armed civilians stops being regarded as civilians.

This can make the war longer than it should. The idea behind supplying weapons is to make the world not react as they will have done if weapons had not been supplied. Again, this supply of weapons as the only solution points to my argument that we are in a defensive stage where weapons are regarded as the drivers of the economy and the only solution. Give them weapons and let them defend themselves. But we know too that they are all members of the UN that are supposed to stop wars. How can they stop a war started by their member? Could this war be a collective consensus to offload weapons as a way of introducing relief into the system? In that sense, they all have grouped into Nato.

I argued in Tomorrow’s World Order

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That all these institutions set up after the second world war are all interlinked and have parts to play as a whole. They all have a task assigned to them as a country. For example, one of the countries is responsible for the development of weapons of mass destruction in digital pathogens. The other is assigned to nuclear weapons development. The other country for starting wars etc. They are all linked. The UN claim to stop wars. But adopts a do-nothing approach until after the war has started when you see them denouncing the wars. This is the reason why they were formed. To act only after the war has started. This is what we are against because it immobilizes women and children who would have escaped way before the wars started. Therefore, giving these defenseless members of the society a false sense of security.

Having said that the supplying of weapons is only all that they can do as a tactic to offload weapons. Create a relief in the system before the system collapse through increased tensions. They know the supply of weapons will prolong the war. Thereby making Russia aggressive. In that now Russia will feel like they are fighting the whole world. Evidenced by Russia’s warning to countries supplying weapons that if they continue, they will be forced to take a stance the world will regret. Our concern as TWO is the fact that now Russia will disregard civilians’ lives just because now, they can argue that the West is to blame in that they should have known that continuous supply of weapons will only increase the dangers to the civilians.

I want the world to know this is not to empower Ukraine but to intensify the war to weaken Russia for their benefit. Nothing to do with the lives of Ukraine. Criminal charges of increasing risks to Ukraine civilians as a way of weakening the risks to themselves rather than risks to Ukraine. In other words, sacrificing Ukraine people for their benefit in that when they attack Russia, they won’t suffer casualties and the war [if one is to come] will be short.

On the other hand, the West can simply have the lives of Ukraine in mind. Supplying weapons to empower them. Either way that does not change the risk to civilians and the risks of an all-out nuclear or digital war.

In all cases, the war or military special operation must cease with immediate effect.

The IC must provide the requested military for peace purposes. 10 000 each country and financial aid to Ukraine with immediate effect for peace purposes.


President of Tomorrow’s World Order

David Gomadza





Founder and President Tomorrow's World Order

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David gomadza

David gomadza

Founder and President Tomorrow's World Order

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